Early Morning Bird Walks


morning walks
Horned Grebe, Ryan Askren

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail:  Early Morning Bird Walks

Dates: Each morning from Tuesday, 25 June, to Friday, 28 June

Start and end times: 6:00 am–7:30 am

Cost: Free

Maximum participants: No limit

Meals: None provided. Look for instructions on where to get early morning food and coffee.

Trip Leader(s): Anchorage Audubon Society volunteers

Trip Description: Starting at the Hilton Hotel, walk to and then along the coast from downtown Anchorage to stretch your legs and look for a mixture of water birds and forest birds in the morning. Beautiful views of Cook Inlet and the surrounding mountain ranges (Aleutian, Chugach, Alaska, including Denali). Get back in time to catch all of the conference events. The Coastal Trail is also a great place to bike in the evenings, if you want to travel farther. Bike rentals are available downtown.

Likely species:

Recommended Gear and Cautions: This paved trail is a well used so please exercise some of of your urban awareness and good trail-sharing etiquette. Also, keep a watchful eye out for moose.

Additional Information: http://www.alaska.org/detail/tony-knowles-coastal-trail


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