Closing Events

Closing Remarks and Student Presentation Awards

Saturday, 15 August (4:00−4:30 pm ET)

Co-chairs Thomas Sherry and Jameson Chace will offer closing remarks about the historic NAOC meeting. Morgan Tingley and Matt Carlson will then present the Student Presentation Awards on behalf of all of the host societies.

Invited Speaker

Tykee James

Government Affairs Coordinator, National Audubon Society

Saturday, 15 August (4:30−5:30 pm ET)

Inspiration for Action: A sustainable way forward for ornithologists and birders in conservation

Please join us for an inspirational talk as Tykee shares his personal journey to a career in conservation. More details can be found here.

Storytelling, Mocking Manakin Bird Call Contest, Trivia Quiz

Saturday, 15 August (6:00−7:30 pm ET)

Please join your friends and colleagues for an ‘evening’ of tears and laughter as we listen to six captivating stories that reflect the breadth and depth of experiences within our ornithological community. These touching tales will be followed by a highly entertaining competition in which several daring colleagues will try their best to imitate vocalizations and behaviors of different birds. Finally, pit your wits against your friends and test your recollections of the conference by participating in a challenging NAOC Trivia Quiz!