Marketing & Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee is responsible for the marketing and promotion of NAOC2020 to the global ornithological community via the collective reach of NAOC partner societies’ social media channels, member newsletters, websites, etc.

Steve Dudley | Co-Chair

Chief Operations Officer, British Ornithologists’ Union (UK)

Steve has run the BOU since 1997, and as part of his duties, he is responsible for all of the BOU’s social media and communications. He has worked in and around ornithology, especially science communication, since 1985, at the RSPB, BTO, and Leica (UK) prior to his role at the BOU. As a passionate science communication advocate, Steve has been a key driver of the ornithological community’s take-up of social media, in particular Twitter, since 2011. He shares his expertise and experience via the BOU blog and by delivering presentations, workshops, and seminars at face-to-face and online events. His scicomm publications include How social are ornithologists? (IBIS 158: 894–898 and Tweeting birds: social media promotes citations in ornithology (Royal Science Open Science, doi 10.1098/rsos.171371). He is also the co-organizer of BOU Twitter conferences (#BOU17TC and #BOU18TC). You can find Steve on Twitter as @stevedudley_.

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Rebecca Heisman | Co-Chair

Communications Specialist, American Ornithological Society (U.S.A.)

Rebecca joined AOS full-time in January 2019 after four years as an independent contractor. Her experiences prior to her role with AOS include working as an ornithology field assistant in Canada and Australia, leading environmental education programs in Georgia, Wisconsin, and Oregon, and writing about conservation for publications including Audubon and Sierra Magazine.

Taylor Brown

PhD student, Trent University (Canada)

Taylor is interested in everything to do with birds and studied owl migration during her BSc at Acadia University (Canada) and shorebird nesting and nest predator ecology for her MSc at York University (Canada). Her involvement with the Society of Canadian Ornithologists/Société des ornithologistes du Canada (SCO-SOC) and in promoting NAOC 2020 center around a desire to improve her own science communication skills and to get more involved in the scientific and academic ornithological communities. When she is not doing something bird-related, you will find her gardening, reading, or out for a walk.

Brandon Edwards

BS student, University of Guelph (Canada)

Brandon is currently finishing his final year of his Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. He has had a lifelong interest in nature, whether it’s meteorology, astronomy, or, as in the last five years, ornithology. Throughout his undergraduate degree, he has strived to combine his interests in mathematics, computer science, and ornithology, leading to his current area of research in quantitative ecology. If he’s not in classes or doing research-related tasks, he is probably out birding, trying to find the next rare bird for the area. You can find Brandon on Twitter as @bedwards144.

Nina O’Hanlon

Postdoctoral researcher, University of the Highlands and Islands (UK)

Nina is an ornithologist with a particular interest in seabird ecology and conservation. Her research at the Environmental Research Institute (University of the Highlands and Islands) focuses on anthropogenic threats to seabirds in the northeast Atlantic. Nina is a member of the BOU’s Engagement Committee as their Social Media Support Officer and a Director of British Birds with a communications and social media brief. Nina is co-author of Tweeting birds: social media promotes citations in ornithology (Royal Science Open Science, doi 10.1098/rsos.171371) and is co-organizer of BOU Twitter conferences. You can find Nina on Twitter as @Nina_OHanlon.

Jordan Rutter

Director of Public Relations, American Bird Conservancy (U.S.A.)

Jordan is a life-long birder with a passion for connecting others to the natural world through birds. She serves on the Wilson Ornithological Society  (WOS) Council. With an MSc in conservation biology from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and over ten years of experience in the ornithology field, she has a strong science background that helps her better understand current bird research. Having managed the digital communications for other bird organizations (American Ornithological Society, Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, Great Lakes Piping Plover Recovery Effort) and international events (NAOC 2016, Earth Optimism 2018) has aided in her science communication and outreach to non-technical audiences.  Connect with Jordan personally on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @JERutter

Matthew Shumar

Program Coordinator, Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative (U.S.A.)

The Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative (OBCI) is a collaboration of non-profit groups, businesses, state and federal government agencies advancing avian conservation in Ohio and the region. Prior to working with OBCI, Matthew was the Project Coordinator and co-editor for The Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in Ohio. Matthew’s research interests include landscape ecology, particularlu anthropogenic effects on Neotropical migrants. He is also interested in engaging the public into citizen science efforts and exploring new opportunities for collaborative efforts between academia, agency professionals, and amateur ecologists. Matthew is on the council of the Association of Field Ornithologists (AFO), where he serves as webmaster and co-chair of the Communications Committee.