Opening Events

NAOC 101

Organizers: Jen Smith and the Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Tuesday, 11 August (10:00−10:30 am ET)

Join us in this 30-minute webinar-based session that aims to introduce first-time attendees to the NAOC by explaining what the NAOC is and showcasing what NAOC 2020 has to offer. Learn how to make the most of the NAOC through setting objectives, carefully planning your schedule, and networking. We understand that conferences can be intimidating for first-time attendees (especially when in a novel format!). Our aim is to help make NAOC 2020 less intimidating by offering tips and tricks about how to navigate and get the most out of a conference. A panel of seasoned conference-goers will be available at the end of the webinar to address any questions you have—we look forward to seeing you!

Invited Speaker

Jamila Blake

Professional Development Manager, The Wildlife Society

Tuesday, 11 August (10:30−11:30 am ET)

Fostering Inclusive Mentorship in the Conservation Profession

Please join us for a stimulating, interactive session on how to make mentoring in conservation more inclusive and effective in supporting and enhancing the profession. More details on Jamila’s talk can be found here.

Keynote Lecture

Thomas E. Lovejoy

Honorary NAOC Chair

Senior Fellow, United Nations Foundation

Tuesday, 11 August (12:00−1:30 pm ET)

What lies behind “If you Save the birds you solve most of the big problems of the world”

Kickoff the NAOC with the welcome message, followed by this thought-provoking Keynote lecture from Dr. Thomas Lovejoy. The keynote session will end with the first of a series of Diversity and Inclusion videos and an introduction to the Birds of the World from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Meet Your Host Societies and Each Other!

Tuesday, 11 August (5:30-7:00 pm ET)

Welcome to the NAOC 2020! Please join us for this opening event to the seventh North American Ornithological Conference (NAOC VII), a virtual gathering opportunity for sharing and discussing scientific research in all areas involving birds.

We will start the evening by meeting the host societies (all 9 of them!) and finding out what they have to offer during the Society Lightning Talks. Then, get ready to catch up with old colleagues and meet new ones through a fun virtual networking event in which participants will be provided with ice-breaker questions (e.g., What’s your favorite bird and why? What was your craziest field work misadventure?) to stimulate tantalizing conversations! We are eager to see everyone in ‘person,’ and our hope is that this opening session will  get everyone excited for all that NAOC 2020 has to offer!