NAOC Virtual Fun Run 2020

Need some inspiration to move? Eyes sore from too much Zooming? Get out and run! The All-out Ostrich Scramble has long been an annual tradition at AOS conferences. This relaxing activity has been a fun way to meet fellow runners, shake-off conference lethargy, and strengthen connections within the AOS community. Please consider supporting this year’s NAOC by participating in a virtual fun run. As you might imagine, things will be different this year: no sign-ups, no ostrich egg prizes…but still a great opportunity to support the community. To participate, conduct your run, as short or as long as you please, during the week of the conference. Just take a picture—of yourself, of your dog, of your favorite overlook, of whatever you want–and upload it to the #m_fun_run channel on the NAOC 2020 Slack group. We’ll include your images during the conference as a way to help people from around the globe connect through shared loves of birding and running. Please also consider making a purchase of conference merchandise ( as a way to endow the conference and support the Puerto Rico Ornithological Society. Your participation helps maintain this fun tradition while supporting the conference proceedings from afar. Go run!

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